PDD No. 46: LFTC / Globalfoundaries EIS

LFTC Amended Statement of Findings 2017

Fab 8 SSDEIS 2013 & 2015

GlobalFoundries has submitted an application to the Town requesting an amendment to the Luther Forest Technology Campus (LFTC) Planned Development District No. 46 to enable the potential future build out of the Fab 8 Campus to include Fab 8 Module 2 (Fab 8.2).

Changes to the PDD legislation are to (a) increase the allowable height for rooftop appurtenances (b) increase the main fabrication building footprint to 575,000 square feet and delete the redundant constraint on cleanroom space, and (c) modify off-site transportation mitigation measures for the Fab 8 Campus.

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LFTC PDDA 2015 (GlobalFoundries):

The Town Board adopted the amendment on October 5, 2015.

LFTC PDD Amendment Documents: