Homeowner Improvement Tips

REMEMBER The Town Right-of-way when doing outdoor projects!

In most cases the town right-of-way is 30' from the center of the road. The town is NOT responsible for repairing or replacing items within this area.

Also, if you have dead trees in your yard that could be in danger of falling onto a town road and/or town right-of-way, it would be appreciated if you could get them cut down and put out during our pick-up!

Resurfacing Your Driveway

Please remember that proper drainage and slope needs to be maintained! If this is not maintained you run the risk of standing water/ice in your driveway. This does not only create a dangerous situation but your driveway will deteriorate much quicker. Contact us at the Highway Department if you need any further information.

Digging Up Your Yard

Contact Dig Safely New York at 1-800-962-7962 or go to their website. Each company will come out and mark where their underground utility is located. If you have a contractor doing work, they should know this but you can feel free to remind them. Better safe than sorry!

Mailbox Installation

So that the mail carrier can access your mailbox, the height of the mailbox should be between 42" to 48". Mailboxes should be placed at least 4' beyond pavement edge so that delivery of mail does not impede traffic and by placing it further off the pavement it is out of the way of the plows. Also, have your name and house number on it for easy identification.