Environmental Impact Statements

The Town of Malta adopted a Town-Wide Generic Environmental Impact Statement in 2006. The Town updated the GEIS in 2017, and 2020. Below are links to the GEIS, Supplemental Statement of Findings, and subsequent updates. Information regarding GlobalFoundaries, can be found in the menu on the left.  

The Town of Malta prepared a Supplemental Statement of Findings in addition to the Malta Town-Wide Generic Environmental Impact Statement (2006 TWGEIS). The overall goal of this Supplemental GEIS is to update the growth projects, examine those resource areas impacted by growth (not previously examined) and explore any mitigation (or fee-in-lieu of) measures to avoid or minimize adverse impacts on the Town's natural and built environment. Formal scoping was not conducted but a scoping outline was prepared under the direction of the Town Board.

Town-Wide GEIS