Property Valuation


The Town of Malta’s Assessment policy is to maintain a level of assessment (LOA) of 100%.  In order to do that, we conduct a Town-wide revaluation every 4 years, (the last being 2021), and trend values up or down based on sales within neighborhoods in the interim years.  In January 2022, NYS Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS) advised us that our LOA had dropped from 100% to 87%.  The LOA comes from measuring our assessed values to our sales. 

In February 2022, after applying increases we thought were acceptable (4-7%), we sent a preliminary test file to ORPTS to determine our level.  Their analysis determined that we were still only at 91%, thus requiring greater increases.  Trend percentages applied across the board by neighborhood are as follows: 

40044 – 12%                  40052 – 8%                    40062 – 8%

40045 – 12%                  40054 – 10%                  40067 – 12%

40047 – 15%                  40060 – 10%                  41199 – 5%

40049 – 8%                    40061 – 6%

Sales that took place between July 1, 2020 and July 1, 2021 are those used to come up with your 2022 Assessment.  As most of us know, property sales have been at record highs not only here in the Town of Malta and Saratoga County, but the State and nationwide.  Please understand, you did not have to do anything to your home to increase its value.  These increases are strictly market driven.  Unless you have a documented condition issue that sets you apart from the rest, or you have a recent appraisal, the Assessor will not be in a position to decrease your assessment.  

Before you call our office, we ask a couple of things from you.  First, please take a moment to look at the sales in your neighborhood.  They may surprise you.  On this page, click on the link “property search”.  This will connect you to property sales and assessments, and an index that will tell you what neighborhood code you’re in.  After you’ve looked at the sales, ask yourself, if you were to list your property for sale today, what would you ask for it?  Could you sell your property for the assessment we just put on it?  If your answer is no, and you can support your case, give us a call at (518) 899-2584.  If we agree with the information you supply, we will offer you a reduction.  If we disagree, your next option is to file a Complaint on Assessment with the Board of Assessment Review.  See tab for Board of Assessment Review instructions on this website.

Property Assessment Records

The website containing the Town of Malta’s Real Property information to the taxpaying public can be accessed here "Property Search". There are many items available, such as pictures of the properties, comparable properties by recent sales and attributes, and property inventory. This information is updated yearly with the tentative roll on May 1st, or April 1st in Reval years.

Real Property Information Disclaimer

The Town of Malta assessor’s office has compiled the data and images contained on this site for the sole purpose of assessing property value for taxing purposes. All information contained on this site constitutes public records and is available to the public pursuant to freedom of information laws. It is not intended for use by others or for any other purpose.

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