Open Space

Economic Development in Upstate New York

Clearly New York State’s investment of over $1 billion in high technology initiatives and research and development jobs has driven economic development in the upstate area. Investments into highways, water systems, etc. are setting the stage for the growth of employment and housing. Towns, cities, and villages are faced with decisions on how to protect working farms and natural resources.

Some communities are finding that open space protection is an effective tool in managing growth and improving the quality of life that our citizens expect.

Protecting Malta’s Quality of Life

As development pressures mount, the Town of Malta’s Open Space Committee is discussing the wide range of approaches and techniques available to the Town to protect Malta’s quality of life. As a result of the Town’s recent Agricultural Enhancement Study, a Right to Farm Law was updated and adopted in 2011.

Zoning to make Malta more farm friendly, a purchase of development rights and conservation easement programs, trail connections, and other methods to control taxes and protect our lands, habitats, and keep our air and water clean and link to park and recreation areas are being reviewed.

For More Information

If you are interested in assisting the Open Space, Agricultural, and Trails Committee in defining goals and programs to make recommendations to the Town Board or would like to comment, contact Director of Parks, Recreation and Human Services Alyssa Benway at (518) 899-4411 ext. 303.