Open Space, Agriculture and Trails (OAT) Committee

The mission of the Open Space, Agricultural and Trails Committee (OAT) is to recommend to the Town Board policies and programs to promote agriculture, conserve natural resources, preserve open space and develop off-road and on-road trails, bikeways and sidewalks.  The committee considers policies and programs for:

  • Protecting agriculture lands and ag-business enterprises.
  • Evaluating policies to implement the Agricultural Plan as defined in the “Agricultural Enhancement Strategy” of November 2009 prepared by the LA Group 
  • Preserving prime agricultural lands, trees, vegetation, rock outcroppings, mature woodlands, stream corridors, and wildlife habitat. 
  • Expanding active and passive recreation opportunities and safe, environmentally friendly, on-road and off-road trails for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrian as well as a variety of other uses.
  • Linking open space wildlife corridors and trails, canoe routes, pathways, sidewalks and bike routes that will meet the near and long term goals of the community.
  • Educating pedestrians and bikers on safe highway use and crossings, especially crossings through the roundabouts.

The committee may carry out its mission through public education and outreach, meetings with landowners, reviewing and commenting on projects proposed for consideration within the Town, and through the study, development and recommendation of programs that protect the quality of life of our residents and the Town’s community character.

Volunteer Committee Members

Chairperson- Joyce Soltis
Committee Person- Barbara Conner
Committee Person- Paul Loomis
Committee Person- Debra Mulry

Advisory (non-voting)
Park & Recreation Director
Building & Planning Coordinator