Building Code Information

The Building Department consists of Code Enforcement, Building Inspectors, and Fire Marshals. Code Enforcement and Building Inspectors are responsible for issuing building permits, inspecting construction, floodplain management, 911 addressing, and investigating building & code complaints. Fire Marshals are responsible for conducting annual fire inspections in commercial and apartment buildings, occupancy load calculations, change of tenancy inspections, and fire code compliance.

Local Laws, Ordinances & General Code

For your convenience, the Town of Malta has made available within this section, studies for planning, local laws and ordinances and design guidelines. A brief description and a link are provided below.

  • Property Maintenance Law: The purpose of this ordinance is to provide for a sanitary and hazard free environment for the citizens.
  • Open Burning Law: This chapter provides regulations for the safety, health, and general welfare of the citizens with guidelines and restrictions for open burning.
  • Sign Code: The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate signs and sign structures within the Town of Malta in keeping with the theme of the surrounding area. For more information see Section 167-27 of the Town Code.
  • Sign Code Attachment:
  • Town of Malta’s E-Code Book: The Town Code of the Town of Malta has been placed on the Town's website for convenience purposes only. The official copy of the Town Code of the Town of Malta is on file at the Town of Malta Town Clerk's Office.
  • County Local Law - Pertaining to Fireworks:
  • Fence Etiquette

Pursuant to Local Law #5 of 2009 the Town added Chapter 88 Fees and Costs, which began the codification of the various fees of the Town of Malta. Fees set forth in the Code of the Town of Malta may be revised, amended, supplemented, or eliminated by resolution of the Town of Malta. Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office or the respective Department for the Town’s current fee schedule.