Does the Town have municipal water and sewer?

No. The area in the southern part of the Town (including the developments of Knolls 11, Country Knolls North, Hearthwood Estates, etc.) are covered by Clifton Park Water Authority and are thus with a municipal water company. The subdivision of Luther Forest, Northway Estates, some residents around Saratoga Lake, and some other areas are hooked up to Saratoga Water Services (privately held water company) and Saratoga County Sewer system.

The Northwood Development is hooked up to Northwood Water Co in Ballston Spa. The Town of Malta does not have its own municipal water or sewer. Call Saratoga Water Services at (518) 899-6001, Clifton Park Water Authority at (518) 383-1122, Northwood Water Co at (518) (518) 885-2960 or Saratoga County Sewer District #1 at (518) 664-7396 for more information.

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1. Does the Town have municipal water and sewer?
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